Email our Databases

Target an engaged audience of over million opt-in email addresses from 10 different countries, like Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, etc. Drop us a message to get more info!

Cleaning & Optimization of Databases

We provide a service to clean your emailing list, real-time email verification, email scrubbing, and spam-trap removal services. The best way to keep your list clean!

Building Databases

Help you to create all kind of databases based on your criteria. If you already have a database and do you want to get profit of it drop us a message to get more info.

Newsletter Design & Optimization

We can help you optimize your NL design and generate higher results by checking you HTML tags and responsive aspect (Responsive Newsletters)

About us

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Be the benchmark of the Digital Marketing, in every business we operate, expanding the performance and growth of our customers.


Adopt the best practices of management in Digital Marketing and web tools to give our services the trust and safety they need, in competitive situations, offering solutions that outcome the expectations of our customers, basing ourselves in values and ethical principals.


Respect for people, progress and innovation, team spirit, inspiring loyalty near our customers, we do the right thing for our costumers.



Large corporations and financial institutions use authentication to prove their emails aren't forgeries so they don’t get blocked by overly suspicious filters. We recommendo to use DKIM, SenderID, and SPF always.

Dedicated Servers & IPs

To protect our deliverability, FRENETIKLEVEL uses multiple servers and hundreds of IP addresses located in multiple data centers. These IPs are grouped into different reputation levels based on each one activity. We monitor our IP acceptance rates with Return Path Sender Score, a leading third‑party deliverability vendor, and depending on which group of IPs an email is sent from, inbox acceptance rates range from 96‑99 percent.

Bounce Management

Our system detect and analyze bouncebacks for you to keep your list clean, based on delivery logs ands his filters of bounces types.